Caflon Ear Piercing Starter Kit

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Professional Starter Kit

Ear piercing instrument
2 Natural Look ear care lotions
24 pairs of studs
(12 plain gold and 12 plain silver)
marker pen and swabs

CAFLON ear piercing is a quick, profitable safe and popular salon service, which also has the potential to generate new customers. CAFLON may be the clients first reason to visit you, and the service she receives may encourage her to return for further services. The CAFLON gun approved for piercing is designed so that it does not come into contact with the clients pierced skin, and is used with pre sterilised ear studs and ear clasps. The studs are provided in sterile packs. CAFLON earrings give a date after which their sterility can no longer be assumed. This date is normally indicated on the sealing paper.

Ear Piercing at a Glance: First clean both earlobes with antiseptic swabs, then….
Using the non-toxic marking pen, mark the exact sport for piercing on each earlobe.
Remove the mount from the blister.
Hold the instrument firmly at right angle to the mount, Gently slide the clasp retainer under one clasp and lift out.
Invert mount. Place head of one stud into opening in stud holder at tip of barrel. Lift mount straight up.
Pull the instrument into a cocked position by pulling back on the plunger until an audible click is heard.
Place instrument with clasp retainer at back of earlobe Aim tip of stud through aiming sight. Slowly squeeze, slide trigger to hold earlobe steadily.
Squeeze to fully closed position. Ear is now pierced with both stud and clasp in position.
Release trigger. Bring instrument straight down .(NOTE : Remove instrument directly from ear without recocking.)

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Caflon Ear Piercing Starter Kit
Caflon Ear Piercing Starter Kit