De Lorenzo New Directions 2- Normal Hair

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preparation for perming: 

NOTE: do not perm if clients scalp has sores or abrasions or if there has been a previous reaction to perm lotion

Shampoo gently but thoroughly for removal of heavy soil and build up of styling products

DO NOT rub vigorously while shampooing as this might irritate the scalp. towel dry hair and spray with protein complex


select correct lotion strength for hair type. Select correct styler size for shape and curl required. Degree of curl is determined by number and size of stylers, NOT by extending processing time.

Wind hair smoothly and without tension. protect skin around the hair line with a barrier cream before applying lotion.

Application of lotion:

Snip off cap and begin application from nape. Work slowly and consistently to ensure lotion reaches every styler and does not run onto scalp.

Work nozzle along the styler, wet a second then a third time-do not miss any stylers. Excessive dripping indicates application has been carried out too quickly.

Processing Time:

Process for 15-20 minutes with plastic cap placed over stylers. DO NOT PLACE UNDER STEAM OR DRYER

When processing is complete, rinse hair thoroughly (5+mins) with warm water, Gently towel blot each curl, removing excess water.



Snip off/remove tip and apply neutraliser. starting at the nape, dampen by placing a few drops of neutraliser at centre of each styler.

working nozzle along the styler, wet a second time. save approximately 20ml of neutraliser for later application.

Allow 5 minutes neutralising time before removing stylers and apply remainder to curls for a further 1 minute DO NOT allow neutraliser to remain longer than recommended.

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water, towel blot

Apply Equilibrium treatment as per directions. perm is now complete and ready for styling. for maximum curl retention, wait 48 hours before shampooing.

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