Grace Remy 3 Clip Weft Hair Extension Honey Blonde #16

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100% REMY

Grace 3 clip wefts are made from 100% remy hair and are quick and easy to attach, giving natural looking volume and length to hair in an instant.

Pack includes: 1x weft with 3 attachment clips - width 8" Length 18"

How to use: Create a straight horizontal part at the chosen height on the head with a tail comb. Lift up the top section of the hair and secure the hair out of the way to start placement.

Select your 3-clip weft and begin by opening the middle clip first, place then apply pressure to both the outsides of the clip to fasten. repeat this process with the other 2 clips on the outer piece of the weft, making sure each clip is attached securely.

Release the secured hair and style to blend the weft into the hair.

Caring for your extensions:

  • Always brush hair gently prior to washing hair extensions.
  • Only use good quality sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to ensure longevity of grace weft 100% remy hair extensions
  • Only use a loop brush or natural bristle when brushing
  • Do no rub or twist the weft during shampooing process. emulsify shampoo in hands and gently clean from roots to ends. rinse shampoo thoroughly.
  • apply conditioner to weft, then rinse hair thoroughly to remove all of the conditioner.
  • gently towel dry weft and blow dry on cool to low heat.

Grace 3 clip weft, 100% remy hair extensions are not guaranteed unless all the above precautions are taken.