Grace Remy Tape Hair Extensions Platinum Blonde #60

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100% Remy

Grace tape hair extensions are made from 100% remy hair are quick and easy to apply.

Great for adding length, volume or colour to hair in one easy application.

Garce tape hair extensions are easy to maintain as they are washed and styled in your hair.

Pack includes: 10 tape strips- length 20" weight 25g

Caring for your extensions: 

  • Always brush hair gently prior to washing
  • Ensure the hair is washed thoroughly with a deep cleansing shampoo then dried, prior to placing in the grace tape 100% remy hair extensions.
  • Only use a loop brush or natural bristle brush when brushing
  • While the tape extensions are in the hair, emulsify shampoo in hands and gently wipe over the hair from roots to ends. do not massage hair
  • Only sulphate-free shampoos are to be used
  • Do not apply conditioner to the root/skin/tape area, only to mid-lengths and ends. towel dry(do not rub or twist)
  • If you wish to colour the hair, care should be taken, do not colour the extensions or the clients hair when the tape extensions are in the hair. When colouring, take the tape hair extensions out of the hair. No more than 3% developer should be used.
  • two days prior to placement, do not apply colour to the hair or apply keratin treatments/oils to the hair
  • While the tape hair extensions are in the clients hair, hairspray, conditioner, or argan oils are not to be applied to the root area. Sulphate-free shampoo is the only product to be applied to the roots
  • When blow drying the hair, do not use high heat as this will make the hair dry and dull. Be sure to use a heat protection spray. When hair straightening and blow drying, avoid the tape strips. This will weaken the bond and they slip out.
  • Do not sleep on wet or damp hair
  • When sleeping, loosely plait hair
  • Do not shampoo your hair within 72hours of having grace tape hair extensions applied, as this may cause loosening.
  • Refit and move up recommended every 5-6 weeks

Grace remy tape hair extensions are not guaranteed unless all the above precautions are taken.