Le Marque Complete Henna Kit

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Le Marque Complete Henna Kit

A complete range of professional products used to safely enhance, correct and marque the brows leaving all brow designs looking natural, flawless and durable.

Mancine Professional are committed to purity and high quality when carefully selecting ingredients. With the commitment combined with extensive knowledge, research and testing performed across the board of product ranges, Mancine Professional has captivated and fulfilled the needs of beauty professionals across the globe.

By following these standards Mancine Professional have yet again delivered a superior range of products, LE MARQUE Professional Brow Design System - like none other on the market!

The system consists of 5 natural shades of henna derived from the native plant of India, Lawsonia Inermis. A simple and easy to use system where all you need to add is water!

LE MARQUE Henna can last up to 5 weeks provided the user has followed all steps and procedures with the complete LE MARQUE Professional Brow Design System.

What you will need:

LE MARQUE• Complete Henna Starter Kit:
Five shades of Henna
Brow Cleanser 50ml
Brow Nourishing Oil 30ml
Rose Gold Tweezers
Rose Gold Scissors
Dual Action Henna Brush & Brow Waxing Spatulas.

HENNA - Available Colours:

Simple and effective results delivered by five natural and versatile colours.
Bring out your inner Brow Artist by mixing any of the five colours to create a perfect blend customised to your clients brow needs.
LE MARQUE • Henna does not contain any harmful ingredients such as ammonia or lead.
All you need to add is water!