Wahl Trimmer Detailer T-Wide Black & Gold

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Our Most Popular Trimmer in Limited Edition Black & Gold!

Specifically designed for edge lining and detailing work. The T shaped blade adjusts to Zero Overlap, allowing you to cut closer to the skin and making it the ideal trimmer to create pattern designs!

Key Features


  • T-Wide Blade: The blade on this trimmer is 6mm wider than the standard blade Classic Series Detailer and can also be adjusted to zero-overlap, making it a stand-out from the rest
  • Corded Trimmer: This trimmer comes corded to ensure it can keep up with the demands of your busy shop to keep you cutting all day long!
  • Motor: The Classic Detailer Trimmer has a Rotary Motor with 5,000rpm and is corded for continuous use
  • Cutting Close at 0.4mm, this trimmer is specifically designed for precision trimming, detailing, art work, outlining and edging

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      black and gold corded wide mini trimmer
      Wahl Trimmer Detailer T-Wide Black & Gold