Morphosis Re-Structure Pro Force Kit

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101: Pro Force Bonder- Additive to be mixed directly with coloring and bleaching products. Protects and strengthens the hair fiber, minimizing the risk of hair breakage. Gives the color more intensity and shine. The use of MORPHOSIS RE-STRUCTURE PRO-FORCE BONDER 101 does not change the normal laying time of technical services. 

102: Pro Force Sealer- Intensive treatment that seals the hair structure, restoring hydration and the bonds inside the fiber, giving the hair shine and a visibly healthy appearance. 

FRAMESI MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE does not simply rebuild the bonds, but rather permanently repairs damaged hair with what it actually needs…MOISTURE.  Positively-charged hyaluronic acid (the powerful humectant that you’ve been seeing in all of your most moisturizing skincare products) fills in the damaged and negatively-charged gaps in the hair. Then an innovative and protective polymer creates an elastic, moisturizing shield that locks in the hyaluronic acid to the gaps that have just been filled for permanent repair. In addition, proteins and natural amino acids are added to strengthen the hair.

Can also be used as a stand alone deep restructuring treatment and will instantly repair extremely damaged hair.