Morphosis Color Protect

Morphosis Color Protect will protect the hair's colour and enhance its shine.


Cosmetic dyes are pigments that do not bind to the hair fibers. That’s why repeated washes, weather conditions, such as sun and wind, pollutants and the mechanical action of brushes, hair-dryers and straighteners can cause the colour to fade and lose its shine. Treating it with a specific ritual is essential to make the colorist’s work last longer and keep the hair in perfect condition until the next appointment.


  • Raspberry Extract supports healthy cuticles and leaves the hair full, glossy and bouncy. It is rich in anti-oxidants that deliver thorough protective and purifying benefits on the scalp and on coloured hair.
  • Bio liquefied Olive Extract This biotechnological process increases the effectiveness of the active agents, with the stable and intensive anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C becoming a precious ally against free radicals.


Flowery, fruity and green fragrance with a mandarin orange and bergamot blend with notes of peony, rose and cyclamen, merging with the sharp woodiness of cedar and sandalwood.

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