Morphosis Love Extension

Morphosis Love Extension range preserves the beauty of hair extensions


Longer and thicker after a session with your hairdresser? Extensions give spectacular results. Morphosis Love Extension hydrates and nourishes hair, preserving the extensions applied and making the entire hair easy to comb and manage.


  • Fermented Extract of Althea obtained through an exclusive hyper-fermentation process, guaranteeing an excellent supply of anti-oxidant, nourishing elements. The Extracts help soothe an easily irritated scalp providing a protective film on hair, with a detangling, hydrating and protective effect.
  • Hydrolysed, organic Soy Proteins are naturally similar to the keratin of skin and hair, with recognised hydrating, nourishing, elasticising properties. They help improve hair shine, consistency and manageability.


      Citrus fruit, flowers, wood With citrus essences such as bergamot, blood orange and mandarin; lavender, orange blossom and Tahitian vanilla; cedar and cashmere wood and soft musk.

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