Morphosis Scalp

Morphosis Scalp range for deep cleansing and instant relief


Excessive sebum, dryness or sensitivity can come from stress, a poor diet or a temporary imbalance with symptoms such as redness, dehydration and rash. Even healthy scalps can build up fatty residues, pollutants, styling products or dead cells. That's why a scalp ritual should be a part of a wellness routine, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness and lightness that will sooth even the most delicate skins.


  • Fermented Organic Arnica extract the hyper-fermentation process makes this extract a high performing anti-oxidant and nourishing ingredient.
  • Zeolite ingredient Binds heavy metals, pollutants and free radicals. By removing them, it helps fight inflammation and regenerate cells.
  • Microencapsulated Vitamin B12 With its deep anti-inflammatory effect, it helps reduce rash, redness and itchiness in atopic dermatitis. 100% natural, from bio-fermentation.
  • Kiwi Seeds With their natural texture and perfectly rounded shape, they gently exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation.
  • Coffee Seed extract The micro-grains have a gentle scrubbing effect that helps renew the skin surface and leaves it smooth and clean. A powerful anti-oxidant that protects the scalp and hair from daily exposure to pollutants.


Mint, tea Tea tree, lemon and peppermint essential oils, menthol and tea leaves: a scent that exudes a healthy, fresh and light vibe, for a thorough scalp-reviving ritual.

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