Schwarzkopf Igora Royal

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igora royal
igora 1.0 natural black
igora 3.0 natural dark brown
igora 4.0 natural medium brown
igora 5.0 natural light brown
igora 6.0 natural dark blonde
igora 7.0 medium natural blonde
igora 8.0 natural light blonde
igora 9.0 natural extra light blonde
igora 5.00 light brown extra
igora 6.00 dark blonde extra
igora 7.00 medium blonde extra
igora 8.00 light blonde extra
igora 9.00 extra light blonde extra
igora 1.1 blue black
igora 3.65 dark brown chocolate gold
igora 3.68 dark chocolate red
igora 4.6 medium brown chocolate
igora 4.65 medium brown chocolate gold
igora 4.68 medium brown chocolate red
igora 4.88 medium brown red extra
igora 4.99 medium brown violet extra
igora 5.1 light brown cendre
igora 5.4 light brown beige
igora 5.5 light brown gold
igora 5.57 light brown gold copper
igora 5.6 light brown chocolate
igora 5.65 light brown chocolate gold
igora 5.7 light brown copper
igora 5.88 light brown red extra
igora 5.99 light brown violet extra
igora 6.1 dark blonde cendre
igora 6.12 dark blonde cendre ash
igora 6.4 dark blonde beige
igora 6.5 dark blonde gold
igora 6.6 dark blonde chocolate
igora 6.65 dark blonde chocolate gold
igora 6.68 dark blonde chocolate red
igora 6.77 dark blonde intense copper
igora 6.88 dark blonde red extra
igora 7.1 medium ash blonde
igora 7.4 medium beige blonde
igora 7.55 medium gold blonde
igora 7.57 medium blonde gold copper
igora 7.65 medium blonde chocolate gold
igora 7.77 medium blonde intense copper
igora 8.1 light ash blonde
igora 8.11 light blonde extra ash
igora 8.4 light beige blonde
igora 8.55 light blonde gold extra
igora 8.65 light blonde chocolate gold
igora 8.77 light blonde copper extra
igora 9.1 extra light ash blonde
igora 9.4 extra light beige blonde
igora 9.48 extra light red beige blonde
igora 9.55 extra light intense golden blonde
igora 9.7 extra light copper blonde
igora 9.98 extra light violet red blonde
igora 91/2.1 pastel pearl
igora 91/2.22 pale blue
igora 91/2.29 pastel lavender
igora 91/2.4 pastel beige
igora 91/2.49 pastel nude
igora 0.11 anti yellow concentrate
igora 0.22 anti orange concentrate
igora 0.77 copper concentrate
igora 0.88 red concentrate
igora 0.89 red violet concentrate
igora 0.99 violet concentrate
igora E1 cendre ash

IGORA ROYAL is the reference brand for true colour performance. IGORA ROYAL brings you uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention.

  • True-to-tuft results
  • Up to 100% white hair coverage
  • Reliable, even and luminous colour results