Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolutes

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igora royal absolutes
igora 4.50 medium brown gold natural
igora 4.60 medium brown chocolate natural
igora 4.70 medium brown copper natural
igora 4.90 medium brown violet natural
igora 5.50 light brown gold natural
igora 5.60 light brown chocolate natural
igora 5.70 light brown copper natural
igora 5.80 light brown natural red
igora 6.07 dark blonde natural copper
igora 6.460 dark blonde beige chocolate
igora 6.50 dark blonde natural gold
igora 6.580 dark blonde gold red
igora 6.60 dark blonde chocolate
igora 6.70 dark blonde copper
igora 6.80 dark blonde red
igora 7.450 medium blonde beige gold
igora 7.50 medium blonde natural gold
igora 7.560 medium blonde gold chocolate
igora 7.60 medium blonde chocolate
igora 7.70 medium blonde copper
igora 7.710 medium blonde copper cendre
igora 8.01 light blonde cendre
igora 8.07 light blonde natural copper
igora 8.140 light blonde ash beige
igora 8.50 light blonde gold
igora 8.60 light blonde chocolate
igora 9.40 extra light blonde beige
igora 9.50 extra light blonde gold
igora 9.560 extra light blonde chocolate gold
igora 9.60 extra light blonde chocolate



Specially formulated for mature hair, IGORA ROYAL Absolutes offers a wide range of fashion shades.

  • 100% white hair coverage plus intense fashion tone in one, without adding a natural base
  • Pro-Age Complex with Collagen & Siliamine offers extra care for mature hair
  • Low-Odour Technology

Pro Tip: For pure colour deposit on more than 90% white hair use 6% 20 Vol.