Angel Extensions Residue Remover 125ml

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 This is a GAME CHANGER!
This product will make it a pleasure to do tape extensions again

We have listened to what you have to say, no product is perfect and the single biggest problem with all tape extensions is.......the RESIDUE remaining in the hair after removing the tapes.
  • No more hours of picking glue out of the clients hair
  • No more ruined brushes & combs
  • No more time time, save money

When reapplying....Work with a clean canvas, everytime.

Carefully cut the very tip of the nozzle with a pair of scissors.  Do not cut too much, the bigger the cut the more oil will flow. Ideal flow is just a drop at a time.  Squeeze bottle for more.

Remove the tape with Angel Solvent, if adhesive remains,  apply a few drops of Angel Residue Remover.  Comb through hair with a fine tooth comb.  Repeat this for each removal of tape with spray solvent. For best practice, remove tape sandwich with Solvent, then use Residue Remover immediately after.  Once done, move onto your next tape sandwich.