De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect 250ml

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Novacolor Protect helps reduce skin sensitivity that can occur when colouring,lightening or waving. Assists with the reduction of staining when colouring. Useful in the removal of product build-up.

Proctect is derived from Sorbitan, a water soluble liquid, which comes from fruits and berries.

To reduce skin sensitivity and staining:

Add 1g of protect to each 20g of Novacolor Powder Lightener mis or Perm Solution.

To reduce staining or irriation:

Apply directly to the hairlineand nape area prior to service.

To remove product build-up:

Distribute Protect through wet hair. Cover with cap and place under gentle heat for 10-15 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo with the appropriate De Lorenzo shampoo and conditioner.