Kalo - Post Epilating Spray + Ingrown Hair Treatment Duo Pack

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Kalo Spray and IHT Pack

Stop Hair Growth with Kalo Post Epilating Spray. Kalo Spray is easy to apply, effective and soothing. Kalo is applied right after the hair has been epilated. Kalo should be applied 3 times the day of the hair removal and 3 times the next day.

Using Kalo spray about 10% less hair will grow back after each session.

Stop ingrown hairs with Ingrown Hair Treatment. It softens and exfoilates the skin to free ingrown hairs. Does not contain ASA.


  • Discounted Current Stock: Kalo Post Epilating Spray has an expiry date, the solution after this date still works but starts to dilute in potency.

    EXPIRY: 04/2021