Salon Smart Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet

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Salon Smart Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet
Salon Smart Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet

Convert Your Hair Dryer into a Hair Drying System

Just hook this Salon Smart Portable Hair Dryer Bonnet to a standard hair dryer and you will have a professional salon drying system in your own space. Made of heat resistant nylon, the bonnet circulates hot air around the entire head for processing under heat. Easy to install and use. Perfect for heating rollers, heat activated hairdressing treatments, hair conditioners and hot oils. We recommend covering hair first with a processing cap (for treatments) or a hair net (for roller sets).


  • Professional hair drying system
  • Attaches to a standard hair dryer
  • Helps style and process hair quickly
  • Made from heat resistant nylon
  • Use for heating roller sets and heat activated salon treatments