Watercolors Reflective Color Enhancing Conditioner Clear

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Sulfate-free conditioners in 4 shades give haircolor an extra boost of tone, especially when used after a Watercolors Shampoo
Reflective Color Enhancers (RCEs) combined with hair’s porosity allow Watercolors to keep haircolor vibrant and shiny
The Clear Conditioner contains Rice Amino Acids and Sunflower Seed Extract to protect color molecules from free radicals and UV damage

Brown Conditioner: Use after Mocha Drench, Cocoa or Black Coffee Watercolors Shampoos

Blonde Conditioner: Use after Wet Sand or Golden Mist Watercolors Shampoos

Red Conditioner: Use after Crimson Splash, Fluid Fire, Liquid Copper or Wet Brick Watercolors Shampoo

Clear Conditioner: Use after any shade, especially Violet Washe or Hazelnut Watercolor Shampoos.